Coronavirus and Your Practice

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COVID-19 Updates for Hair Professionals

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After speaking to many of our loyal AHP members, along with the urging of numerous local and state governments, we strongly suggest you close your doors in order to protect the community you serve. There is no way you can safely treat clients in person in today’s environment, especially with a large proportion of COVID-19 carriers being asymptomatic. It is not easy for us to make this recommendation, especially after hearing many of your concerns about the possible financial hardship that may be before you.

We recommend that you bookmark this page to stay informed on how COVID-19 may affect your business and what you can do to be proactive. Here you will find COVID-19 resources, business preservation tips, client engagement ideas, and self-care activities, as well as the latest announcements from AHP. (See below for a list of updates).

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As this situation evolves, it’s important to stay informed through credible sources such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.


COVID-19 Updates from AHP 


  • Coronavirus Resource Center: AACS is committed to providing the latest information to keep skin care institutions, students, staff and the public safe and healthy.



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