Free online scheduling and more for hairstylists and barbers

Easily run your hair business with free online scheduling, credit card processing, and more from the AHP Edition of PocketSuite!

AHP has partnered with PocketSuite to bring you a customized, easy-to-use phone app that lets you focus on what matters most—your clients.

Businesses on PocketSuite see an average increase of 30% in earnings, and you can get set up in 15 minutes by choosing from curated pre-loaded settings, or you can customize the app for your salon.


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The AHP PocketSuite Edition gives you:

  • Online scheduling, so your clients are empowered to book a session through your website or booking link. Your booking link can be shared through text with current clients and on your social media pages for new clients.
  • Intake forms and contracts, automatically sent to clients and safely stored for easy management.
  • Credit card payment invoicing and point-of-sale charging, with suggested gratuity, which clients appreciate!
  • Automatic appointment and rebooking reminders.
  • Cancellation policy enforcement so you don’t lose time and money on last-minute no-shows.
  • Even more easy-to-use tools to help you run your business more simply and efficiently.

How easy is it to get up and running? Easy! Set-up generally takes about 15 minutes. AHP has provided default content and forms that you can use as-is or customize, and you can create your own content anytime. If you have any questions or are looking for some direction, you can schedule a call with PocketSuite support or text them just by clicking the messages icon within the app. When you’re ready to import your client contacts and your calendar, PocketSuite will take care of it for you!

If it’s really free, why do I see premium, paid-for options? AHP has partnered with PocketSuite to provide you with an edition of the app that is packed with booking and business management tools free of charge! If you decide you need advanced tools, like the ability to sell packages and subscriptions, you have the option to upgrade to a premium, paid version. However, no upgrade is required, ever. Your baseline version is completely free with your AHP membership.

The app is asking for some personal information. Is this safe and legitimate? You are wise to ask, and yes, PocketSuite is a safe app that will keep your private information secure through encrypted servers.

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Included with AHP membership

AHP’s edition of PocketSuite is yet another reason that an AHP membership is the best value in the profession. Join AHP today to access AHP’s edition of PocketSuite, as well as the following benefits our members love:

  • On-demand educational videos on topics including the latest techniques and business best practices.
  • Discount partners who help you save money in your life and your career.
  • Professional liability insurance that sets the standard in skin care.

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