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Associated Hair Professionals (AHP) is a membership organization providing comprehensive liability insurance and business support resources for professional hairstylists and barbers.

AHP was founded by the same people responsible for Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) and Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), the nation’s largest professional membership associations in their respective fields. ABMP has been insuring and assisting its members since 1987, and ASCP since 2007. In 2012, we were thrilled to welcome hairstylists and barbers to our family.

Our Commitment to Elevating the Industry

What does it mean to elevate our industry?

We want hairstyling and barbering to be regarded with the admiration and appreciation they deserve. We want society to lose all negative stereotypes about our industry. We want the government to recognize that what we accomplish behind the chair cannot safely be done by kitchen beauticians. We want hair professionals to walk around with their heads held high, knowing they are educated, respected, appropriately compensated image-makers capable of changing lives.

Why should you care?

Most of us march to our own beat and, for the most part, try not to be concerned with the opinions of others. We’ve all seen those sassy sayings along the lines of, “Unless you’re paying my bills, keep your opinions about my life to yourself.” But, let’s be honest, it is our clients who are paying our bills. (And everyone is a potential client.) We need the world to view our profession with the esteem it deserves in order for hair professionals to be adequately compensated for the true value of our skills.

How do we elevate our industry?

Well, the short answer is together. Elevating an entire industry requires an entire industry—every single hairstylist and barber. The simplest way to show you are at the core of our industry, dedicated to education, professionalism, and challenging the standard is to become a member of the only national association solely dedicated to supporting and insuring each hair professional’s success. It’s time we demonstrate that we are professionals. Hairstylists and barbers are amazingly talented, artistic, business people, and it’s time we’re recognized as such.

AHP’s primary purpose is to serve the needs of each member, providing the business tools for success. We’re focused on delivering excellent service and exploring ways to add value to your AHP membership. Period. Call us at 800-575-4642 or send us an email at info@associatedhairprofessionals.com. We’re delighted to connect with you.


Ali Davidson, Director, AHP

Ali J. Davidson
AHP Director



AHP was named a Top Workplace, 2019!

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