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Your employees or renters get a discount on membership. They’ll save big and get member benefits that protect them from lawsuits, build their hands-on techniques, boost soft skills like communication and sales, and save them money.

You’ll have piece of mind knowing that your employees or renters have their own individual insurance policies, protecting them if they are personally named in a lawsuit and potentially saving you some money on your business policy.

You’ll save money with access to 50+ exclusive AHP discounts via your free business account!

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AHP Indie Stylist Magazine

Indie Stylist Magazine from Associated Hair Professionals.

AHP Indie Stylist is a bimonthly, digital publication, created to speak directly to you, the independent hair stylist and barber. In this issue:

  • 2022 AHP Indie Stylist Industry Choice Winners
  • 2022 AHP Indie Barber of the Year
  • Women in Barbering

AHP Indie Stylist

PocketSuite Free Online Scheduling

PocketSuite Free Online Scheduling

Easily run your hair business with free online scheduling, credit card processing, and more from the AHP Edition of PocketSuite!



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AHP Indie Barber of the Year 2023

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Are you ready? 

Your hard work has paid off. You're at the top of your game—and we want to hear how you got there! Deadline for submissions is midnight (MST) January 13, 2023

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AHP Indie Stylist of the Year 2023

ahp indie stylist industry choice awards

Hair professionals are invited to write a short story describing your unique professional journey to be considered for this year’s AHP Indie Stylist of the Year. Deadline for submissions is midnight (MST) January 13, 2023


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