Salon Suite Liability Insurance

Hair professionals realize that, while being named in a lawsuit is unlikely, it’s not worth risking your career. That’s why so many barbers and hairdressers are opting for salon suite liability insurance from AHP.

It’s expensive to defend yourself even when you’ve done nothing wrong, so why chance it when excellent protection is so affordable?

Insurance for Cosmetologists from AHP

Associated Hair Professionals (AHP) offers protection with the industry’s best value in liability coverage for independent hair professionals working in a salon suite.

For only $199 per year or $17 per month, you receive:

  • $6 million total per policy year (for YOU, not shared with other professionals)
  • $2 million per occurrence
  • Covers professional, general, and product liability
  • Covers you wherever you work, no matter how many settings
  • Discounted membership rate for participating salon suite locations. Check with your location to see if they are participating or email


The AHP Difference

Not all salon suite liability insurance policies are the same! We’ve done our homework to determine how our insurance policy stands up to other policies out there—here are a few key differences:

Salon Suite Liability Insurance Policy Comparison

Highest Available Limits in the industry

AHP: With an annual aggregate of $6 million, you’re covered for professional liability (malpractice), general liability (slip and fall), and product liability (products you use on a client or sell to them).

Competitors: Other companies cover you for up to $2 million.

Competitive Pricing

AHP: Even with the highest available limits in the industry, we also offer competitive pricing at $199 per year or $17 per month, you receive: — especially when you consider the AHP Indie Stylist magazine subscription, on-demand cosmetologist video library, discounts to save you money, and marketing and business tools that come with your annual membership.
Competitors: Many policies can be upward of $370 per year, and that’s only for the insurance policy.

No Charge for Additional Insured Endorsements (AIEs)

AHP: If your landlord, or the owner of the suite you work in, requests they be added to your policy, there is no additional fee to do so.

Competitors: Other companies charge $10–$25 per AIE.

No Shared Aggregate

AHP: AHP’s cosmetology insurance coverage is per member, per year—that means it’s yours alone, and you can rest assured that it will be there for you if needed.

Competitors: Other companies share the total coverage amount among all their members, which leads to the risk that it may be used up by other members before you file a claim.

Occurrence-Form Coverage

An important distinction in liability insurance is whether it’s occurrence form or claims made. Some insurers offer the less protective claims-made option. Many lawsuits aren’t filed until the statute of limitations is about to expire, as much as two years after the incident. Occurrence-form coverage means the practitioner who is no longer working, or is taking a break from the workplace, still has coverage even if they’ve allowed their insurance to lapse, as long as the incident occurred during the period of their coverage. Claims-made policies, however, cover practitioners only while the policy is in effect, which means an expired policy and a late claim could leave you vulnerable. To avoid this risk, AHP offers cosmetologist occurrence-form coverage.

Coverage Wherever You Practice

Whether you serve clients in one location or many, you’re covered. AHP’s policy covers you wherever you work, no matter how many settings.

Coverage In All 50 States

AHP: AHP’s policy is valid anywhere in the United States. Should you relocate, your policy moves with you.

Competitors: Other companies offer policies in only a select number of states.

AHP Salon Suite Liability Insurance Benefits

Bottom line: AHP’s insurance is comprehensively tailored to meet YOUR needs. Sure, you can find bare-bones insurance coverage elsewhere. But are you sure you’re fully protected? If you do experience a claim, you can expect knowledgeable, empathetic assistance from AHP to help expedite rapid resolution of your claim. The fact is, just knowing your AHP team is ready and able to support you lets you focus on what’s most important—building a successful career as a salon suite owner and cosmetologist.


Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing salon suite insurance for cosmetologists can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to look for. This is not an investment that should be made based on cost alone. Not all insurance policies are created equal, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting. When you begin looking for cosmetology insurance, there are three key things to keep in mind:

  1. Your cosmetology insurance policy should cover professional, general, and product liability.
  2. Be wary of the cheapest liability policies.
  3. There are two kinds of liability insurance: claims-made insurance and occurrence-form insurance.

You can apply over the phone or on our website, or you can fax a completed application to us at 877-680-7546. We must also be able to verify training/licensing if no documents are supplied. If everything is in order, the insurance is effective the following day. If you need proof of insurance sooner, please contact us at 800-575-4642 to make arrangements.

Every state has different rules and regulations. If you are operating in a state that does not require a cosmetology license to perform blow-dry styling, braiding, threading, cosmetic application, etc., and have proof of training, you may still be eligible for AHP membership. In all states, proper training with hands-on experience should be obtained. Contact us at 800-575-4642 to see how you can become a member today!

For legislative updates in your state and state board contact information, visit our State Board Information Page.

Whether you are performing hairstyling, cutting, eyelash extensions, or even waxing, as long as you are working within your state scope of practice, you are covered! AHP’s occurrence-form liability policy covers you in case a client sues.

For a summarized version of state requirements for hairdressers, barbers, and cosmetology licensing as well as state board contact information and legislative updates, visit our State Board Information Page.

Whether you apply by mail, fax, phone, or online, your membership and insurance will go into effect the day after we receive your completed application and verify your training. It will be in effect for one full year from that date.

Start enjoying the benefits of AHP membership today!


Note: The insurance coverage descriptions above are illustrative only. Refer to a copy of the policy for specific coverages, limitations, exclusions, terms, and conditions. This insurance information is provided by our insurance agent and the insurance company underwriting our program and is not a contract; it is a partial illustration of benefits, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. In the event that there is confusion or conflict between the policy language and any information provided, the policy language shall control.

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