The Importance of Hair Stylist Liability Insurance

Accidents Happen

A client called the salon and booked an appointment for a consultation. He came in, sat down with the stylist, and explained that he was starting a new side job for the holiday season as Santa Claus. He needed his long hair, beard, and mustache to be colored a silver/white hue. They discussed pricing and maintenance and he booked a follow-up appointment a few days after Thanksgiving to have the service done.  

As scheduled, he came in to start the process of his new look. The stylist pre-lightened his hair, then moved on to his mustache and beard. The client’s facial hair was quite darker than the hair on his head, so it took two rounds of lightening to decolorize his facial hair and then tone it. Both the lightening of his hair on both his head and face were recommended formulas for an on-scalp/skin application along with following manufacturer’s directions. When the stylist applied toner to his newly pre-lightened facial hair, he mentioned his skin was quite sensitive. He also mentioned during the lightening process that he felt a burning sensation. She assured him that he may feel some discomfort, considering they just completed back-to-back sessions of lightening his facial hair.  

After the stylist let the toner sit for the recommended time according to the manufacturer’s directions for best results, she rinsed it out. As she gently rinsed the toner out, she noticed his skin was red and blotchy around and underneath his facial hair. When it was all rinsed out, they went back to the chair for the Santa Clause trim and style. The client mentioned the blotchy, irritated skin. She reassured him it would calm down within a day or so. There were multiple chemical services performed that day. His skin and hair just needed to rest.  

The stylist finished the service, and the client said he was happy with the results. He had silver/white hair and was excited to start his new side job for the holidays. The following day, the man called the salon to speak with the stylist. He said he was upset because his skin was still red and very sensitive. He explained that the nape of his neck was very uncomfortable and the area almost looked scabbed over. She asked the client to come back into the salon so she could see for herself. When he came back in, his face was certainly red and blotchy and there were chemical burns on the nape of his neck. 

Protect Yourself with Hairstylist Liability Insurance

We all make mistakes in this industry. It’s inevitable that we may have an “off" day, a day when something slips our minds and skips a necessary step, or perhaps a day when we get too busy to clean up properly after a service. Associated Hair Professionals is here to help in the case that something may happen—be it a slip and fall, color on a clients’ shirt collar, or even a nick from clippers. It can happen and we have liability insurance options to protect you. 

Though the stylist followed the manufacturer's directions and used the recommended product for the service, she didn’t know how he would react. This is true for any service—you never know how someone might react to a chemical or product. Protecting yourself  can save you from costly bills and time.  


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