Ways to improve your social media presence

 By Liz Kline

Technology has come a long way in the beauty industry. Being boots on the ground, word-of-mouth advertising isn’t quite a thing of the past, but it’s not as relevant as it once was. Social media has consumed us with videos, memes, and gifs and has made it easy to be able to promote and gain business without actually talking to someone in person. Crazy right? But it’s interesting to see how far we’ve come that we can use social media to promote our business and be successful at it.   

Using any type of social outlet can only create more brand awareness for you. And even better, you can post to multiple social outlets by setting up a day and time to make it happen without having to do upload each post individually. In other words, it can be done quite easily.  

If you are an IG user and love to post photos or videos, you can display your work and have followers. If you are FB user, you can communicate with your audience and have Q&A sessions. The list goes on. Whichever media channel you decide to use to promote your work, business location, or services you offer, know that social media is an added benefit to what you may currently be doing.  

In the fifth installment of this six-part series, we will focus on using social media and what you can post about your salon or barbershop to help gain momentum to further your business.   

1. Offer a glass of wine to clients who “check in” with your salon on social media during their appointment. 

2. Have a selfie station in your salon or barbershop and encourage clients to use it. 

3. Post your salon’s hashtag on every station mirror for selfie exposure. 

4. Collect your clients’ social media handles and be sure to follow and interact with them online between appointments. 

5. Make videos about the services you offer to promote on social media and your website. 

6. Write an informational blog; it’s a great way to drive additional traffic to your website and show off your expertise. 

7. Have you claimed your Yelp! page and responded to the reviews yet? On average, 145 million unique people visit Yelp! every month. 

8. Make sure your website is really working for you. Does it come up in search results? Is the information up to date? Is it time for an online makeover? 

9. Have a bad hair day contest on social media, in which potential clients upload pictures of their bad hair days, using a set hashtag for the contest. Then offer a complimentary makeover to the one with the most likes. 

10. Go live on Facebook or Instagram with profound makeovers. 

11. Spend a few dollars at a time to boost your most popular Facebook posts and expand your reach. 

12. Reach out to a popular beauty or lifestyle blog and ask if you can contribute as an expert. 

13. Make sure your salon is listed on all online business directories for your town and the surrounding area. 

14. Post your HOT (hair openings tomorrow) appointments on multiple social handles with a special offer to get them filled. 

15. According to FitSmallBusiness.com, 35 percent of appointments are booked during non-business hours. Use online booking to take advantage. 

16. Email your clients a monthly or quarterly newsletter. 

17. Create a video tour of your salon so potential clients know exactly what they’re walking into. 

18. Use client testimonials for social media posts. Make them visually appealing with pictures and frames. 

19. Hashtags serve as direct links back to you. Make sure your business has a good one and use it everywhere. 

20. Have a lead generator on your website for potential clients who stop by but don’t take the leap to book an appointment. Offer them the opportunity to submit their email address for a coupon, how-to video, article, etc., so you have a way to follow up with them. 

21. Post pics or videos of your work and before-and-after pics so people can see the amazing art you can create. 

Social media is your oyster. Make it work for you, so you, can boost your bottom dollar.  


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