Learn the Hush Cut

Ellen Devine (@Ellendevinehair), Sam Villa ArTeam and master stylist at Lunatic Fringe, is inspired by the stream of talented stylists out of Korea doing what’s known as the Hush Cut, and she shows her community how to do it here. 

Features of the Hush Cut: 

  • The back length of the hair is long and wispy. 
  • There are multiple lengths throughout the cut. 
  • There’s typically short lengths in front, with a weight line in back. 

“The back of this cut has a line of weight that gradually gets longer towards the front and the front area progresses from short to long as it reaches the back, so there are two opposing lines that create lots of texture and movement,” explains Devine. 

Highlights of the Hush Cut Include: 

  • Sectioning in four quadrants—the back, nape, and sides are all cut the same way. 
  • A comb is used to find the sweet spot of the curve of the head to create the perfect fringe area. 
  • Super shattered, textured layers are created with vertical sections, straight out elevation, a moving guide, and a Sam Villa Artist Series 6.25-inch Shears
  • Create a 1-inch section before the ear is overdirected to the previous section and corner to prevent creating a hole. 
  • A front-center guide is cut to about lip level—elevation is low, and it is overdirected and slightly elevated to craft soft, face-framing fringe. 
  • Additional weight is removed with the Artist Series Slide Cutting Shears. The round blades push hair forward for a really soft slice to remove additional weight. 
  • For styling: Blow-dry with a large, thermal round brush to create loads of volume at the top and piecey texture at the ends. 

“I love this cut for any hair texture that needs a release of weight; the internal layering creates really nice movement,” adds Devine. “It’s perfect for anyone with length that wants to add a little edge and/or volume for a different look.” 

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