Halo Braid with Bouquet of Curls

This tutorial will show you how to achieve an elegant, beautiful style for any special occasion in a minimal amount of time. The halo braid is best created on two-to-three-day unwashed hair. 

The Style: How to do a Halo BraidÔÇ»with Curls

Step One:

Spray the hair with hairspray for added grit and texture, followed by a texture paste of your choice for additional hold and grip while braiding.   

Step Two:

Next, create an uneven part from the top of one ear, along the top of the head, over to the other side using a tail comb with a zig-zag line.

Step Three:

Start at the top of one ear with an under braid, braiding all the way across the top of the head to create a halo effect. Leave any wispy pieces out around the hairline if desired (these will be styled later). Secure the bottom of the braid with an elastic hair band. 

Step Four:

Carefully pull apart the braid to make the appearance look fuller and secure with bobby pins. Add hairspray to help set the braid in place and texture paste to the back section.

Step Five:

Starting with a section at the nape, use a crimper at the base and work your way up each section.  

Step Six:

Once you get to the crown, start to backcomb the hair in that section to create a cushion and lift. Smooth the hair on top of the backcombed section and, to give it a finished look, shape it to desired fullness and secure in place with bobby pins.  

Step Seven:

Return to the nape and section it out horizontally. Take subsections and, using a 1 ¼inch curling iron, curl the hair in alternating directions.  As you work your way up, add hairspray to set the curl.

Step Eight:

Once the whole back is curled, start at the top under the bump in the crown and wrap curls in a loose pin, securing with a bobby pin and alternating the direction of the curls.

Step Nine:

As you work your way back down to just above the nape, take the secured braid and wrap it around the bottom of the curls. Tuck the tail of the braid into the pinned curls and secure with bobby pins.  

Step Ten:

Continue to wrap loose pin curls down the back, leaving out wispy pieces at the nape. Once all the hair has been pinned at the back of the head, gently pull apart the pin curl to give the appearance of fuller curls. Secure with pins as needed and set with hairspray.

Step Eleven: 

Loosely curl the hair around the face and nape. Add texturizing paste and hairspray to set. Pull out the bobby pins in the braid and spray for a finished look. Add shine spray—or glitter spray—for the final look.  


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