Halloween How-To: Barbie

One guess as to what the No. 1 Halloween costume will be this year? Barbie! Ellen Devine (@Ellendevinehair), Sam Villa ArTeam and master stylist at Lunatic Fringe shares a quick Barbie look any stylist can teach a guest for an everyday style or Halloween costume. “I suggest coating your rubber elastics in a lightweight hair oil, it makes them really easy to remove,” says Devine. 

Step One:

Take a small circle section at the back of the crown and secure into a low ponytail. Gather the rest of the hair in front from right behind the ear, drawing a diagonal line to the bottom of the previous ponytail. Use a finishing brush to smooth and secure the ponytail.  

woman sectioning hair into a ponytail.

Step Two:

Curl the hair left out, including the ponytails, using a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand. If hair has trouble holding curl, wrap it around the iron to create a nice bounce to the hair. Once curls are fully cooled, brush to smooth using a paddle brush.   

woman curling her hair with a marcel wand.

Step Three:

For a little extra Barbie volume, use a Sam Villa Signature Series Texture Professional Texturizing Iron on the first two inches of hair at the base. This makes the hair pump up bigger and holds backcombing better.  

Woman curling base of hair to create volume.

Step Four:

Starting with the bottom ponytail, place two fingers under the base, grab the tail and flip it up through the hair and pull to tighten. Use a tail comb to lightly backcomb the ponytail and smooth. Flip the ponytail up and secure the hair above the elastic with bobby pins to help avoid splitting. Repeat on top ponytail. Set with hairspray to control flyaways. 


Step Five:

In the movie, Barbie has fringe, so add clip-ons if needed. Then, smooth bangs with a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron in a “C” motion to get a little bounce and bevel.  


Step Six:

Add pink accessories, polish, dress…and voilà, Barbie! 

Finished Barbie hair do with a bow.




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