How To Carve Micro Fringe

Fringe is the focal point of most cuts, especially Manda Ziegelman’s, Sam Villa Ambassador (@mandaziegelman), signature alt-inspired works of art. Every fringe is customized with “hand” styling for a lived-in, natural finish. 

“This is your art, so be mindful of what you’re exposing while carving and use your fingers to push and sculpt a beautiful shape,” Ziegelman explains.


  1. Spray area with water for control, and after combing through hair, find the high point of the head by resting the comb on top and rocking it forward. Where the comb releases is the length of fringe that can be cut without a problem.
  2. Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Razor—always a fresh blade for each cut! The swivel allows an artist to really get in close and slide cut.
  3. Teach guests to push micro fringe forward. A sign that it is too long is when it starts falling to one side; at that point it loses its definition and vibe.
  4. Pinch each section in fingers and hold the razor like a pen in the other hand while carving outwards in a zig-zag motion to create space, bend, and movement.
  5. Use a lightweight salty spray to sculpt and bend fringe into place.

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