Five Types of Bangs

Bangs and fringe are easy ways to change up a style, and more and more guests are asking for them. Brush up on the various styles of bangs to deliver any version with confidence. Twylla Jane (@twyllajane), Sam Villa ambassador, owner of Lumos Nox Salon, and Redken artist, shares her latest bang transformation.


“Bangs are a great way to ‘accessorize’ a haircut or add a new bit of interest to change things up. Depending on how much texture the hair has naturally, they may fall straight or need minimal styling,” says Jane.  “And, because there are so many different types of bangs these days, the consultation is really important to help determine which type of bangs your guest is hoping for,” she adds. 

  • ⁠Blunt Bangs: Also known as straight-across bangs, they are cut in a straight line across the forehead and can be cut to various lengths, from just above the eyebrows to just below the eyebrows.⁠ 
  • Side-Swept Bangs: These bangs are longer on one side and swept to that side, either covering one eye or framing the face. They can be cut at an angle or in a curved shape.⁠ ⁠  
  • Curtain Bangs: Parted down the middle, this fringe frames the face on both sides. It can be cut to various lengths and swept to the sides or left to hang down the middle.⁠  
  • Wispy Bangs: These bangs are cut with a lot of texture and can be worn straight or styled for a bit of a tousled, messy look. They can be cut to various lengths and can be blended in with the rest of the hair for a subtle effect.⁠ 
  • Micro Bangs: Micro bangs or fringes are good for most anyone looking to add bold drama to their look. They are very short, expressive, and expose facial features, especially the eyes. For the best result, examine the hair line for growth patterns that may affect how the fringe lives.   

“When it comes to picking a cutting tool for a fringe or to add texture, I love the 9-gap blades on the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor to add soft, chewy texture that will air-dry effortlessly. For more blunt end results, I reach for my 7” Signature Series Dry Cutting Shears,” says Jane.  

Jane breaks down which bangs look best of the different types of face shape: 

  • On face shapes that are wider, like square or circle, a bang that is shorter in the center and longer on the edges is highly flattering.   
  • Face shapes that are longer look great with a straight-across bang.   
  • Full bangs, when cut right to complement the face shape and features, can look great on just about anyone.  

“The only time to be concerned is when someone has an unruly cowlick in their front hairline; this can take quite a bit of fuss with styling, which may not be ideal for all. In this case, I recommend switching to a shorter curtain fringe and using the natural split in the hairline to your benefit,” says Jane. 

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