Events and how to make them work for you

By Liz Kline 

Years ago, I was working at a salon where the owner hosted events once a month. At first, I thought it was odd. I thought, why are we doing this? What are they getting out of this?  Then it hit me. She would host these parties, and people I had never seen would come in; and not too long after, these new people would be sitting in our chairs. It never occurred to me that by inviting new people in, she was drumming up new business. The simplest of parties, like a local vendor coming in and setting up a table with their knickknacks or an invite to join us for an after-party that included a free goodie bag and refreshments after the shop closed. These were events that were promoted through current clients, on social media, in the local newspaper, or simply by word of mouth.  

If this is something you have never tried, I encourage you to do so. The worst that can happen is that you may have a few people returning; but the more you do it and publicize the events your location is hosting, the more momentum you will get in encouraging potential clients to walk through your door.  

In the fourth installment of this six-part series, we explore some ideas on events you can host at your salon or barber shop to help gain momentum to further your business.   

  1. Plan a “Sip and Style” wine-tasting and blowout event. Many wine distributors and sales reps will set up free tastings and will be thrilled to come at no expense to you. 
  2. Get a local or online boutique to do a trunk show hosted at your salon. 
  3. Bring in education for your stylists and talk about it on social media and in the salon with clients. 
  4. Have a product launch party and demo new goods and services. 
  5. Host a “Hair How-To” event to teach clients how to wear the latest styles and trends. 
  6. Set up a booth with your portfolio and give live demos at a local craft fair or farmers’ market. 
  7. Invite food trucks to your parking lot. 
  8. Host a B2B event with other local businesses to share referrals of each other’s clientele. 
  9. Host a cut-a-thon to support a good cause and bring in new faces. 
  10. Host a daddy-daughter night. Stylists can teach parents how to style their child’s hair.  

No matter which event you decide to try, just know this: Any brand recognition is good recognition. With social media being the forefront of promoting and trying to drive in business, giving people the chance to mingle in person or check out a new spot can be an exciting way to help create a community and also help your bottom dollar.  


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