Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

Four Tips for Establishing Yourself as an Industry Leader

(with AHP's Support)


AHP Beauty Sense covers


   1. Write an article or submit some of your work to be featured in AHP Beauty Sense, a digital magazine written entirely by hairstylists, to be shared with clients. Industry elevation through client education. 





   Words of a hairstylist


   2. Follow @AHPHair on Instagram and tag us in your incredible hair posts for a potential share. Comment your #WordsOfAHairstylist on our posts and, if chosen, we might make it into a meme for the industry (with credit to you, of course!). 





   3. Start an AHP Root in your area. What better way to establish yourself as a leader in our industry than creating an IRL community in your town. As an AHP member you have full access to everything you need to get started and grow the connection and comraderie.


...and here's an incredible opportunity to learn how to expand your influence


   4. Give yourself an edge in this game-changing area of professional beauty expertise! Get your ticket today for Salon Digital Summit, November 4-6 in Los Angeles, presented by our partners MODERN SALON, SALON TODAY and NAILS Magazine.

Salon Digital Summit






Tickets are $100 off for AHP Members!


Salon Digital SummitWe'll be there, too!

Drop by our table to learn even more ways Associated Hair Professionals can support you or just say "hey!" We can't wait to meet you!




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