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Each month your AHP Root will explore a new topic pertinent to hair professionals, such as marketing, hair color, or customer service.

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Smaller, more intimate face-to-face gatherings with local hair professionals to foster IRL connection.

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Get to know fellow hair professionals in your area, developing a support network, camaraderie, and elevated education opportunities.

Bye, competition. Hello, Community! #IndustryElevation

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Trust me, I get it. Insurance is not a sexy topic. But if you can't talk to your fellow AHP Root comrades about what you need as a hair professional, who can you ask? What we need in the salon is far from what your neighbor needs as a chef, or your best friend needs as a therapist. I tried to make the articles in this resource book as fun and to-the-point as possible, but if you, or any of your Root members have any questions about insurance, please don't hesitate to contact our AHP member services team, who are standing by awaiting your questions at (800)-575-4642. We are here for you, especially when it comes to big, important (but boring!) stuff! - Ali Davidson, AHP Executive Director

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