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Each month your AHP Root will explore a new topic pertinent to hair professionals, such as marketing, hair color, or customer service.

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Smaller, more intimate face-to-face gatherings with local hair professionals to foster IRL connection.

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Get to know fellow hair professionals in your area, developing a support network, camaraderie, and elevated education opportunities.

Bye, competition. Hello, Community! #IndustryElevation

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More than 800 million search results on the “Great Google-er,” and most of us still aren't clear about branding. Or maybe all those search results with conflicting information are the reason we are still confused… There are a lot of pieces involved in branding and this resource book will touch on many, but your AHP Root gathering will ask the probing questions and generate the real discussions that will help you wrap your head around your brand, what you want it to be, and how to move in that direction.  

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