Close Your Doors, Not Your Business

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Dear hair professionals,

After speaking to many of our loyal AHP members, along with the urging of numerous local and state governments, we strongly suggest you close your doors in order to protect the community you serve. There is no way you can safely treat clients in person in today’s environment, especially with a large proportion of COVID-19 carriers being asymptomatic. It is not easy for us to make this recommendation, especially after hearing many of your concerns about the possible financial hardship that may be before you.

And while we are suggesting that you close your doors to face-to-face services and interactions, we are not suggesting you close your business altogether. 

At AHP, we are determined to share as many resources and opportunities to help you during this time. We promise to work diligently to create new ideas and activities to help your business thrive during the hiatus, in efforts to help resurrect your thriving business once again once life returns to a more normal mode of operation. 

Until then, we have put together some resources for you.

In order to inform your clients of your closure, we have created a customizable letter that you can share: "Closing Template"

We have also put together a readymade letter that makes it easy for you to reach out to your congressperson to encourage them to consider the financial future of independent professionals and contract employees: "ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Congressperson".

Don’t close the business, just close the doors. We have compiled a few different options to stay connected from a distance. You can access activities and resources on Instagram and Facebook at @ahphair, or go to the AHP homepage at; and I encourage you to bookmark this link for the most up-to-date resources on information about COVID-19: "Coronavirus and Your Practice".

What you sow today will blossom even brighter tomorrow. AHP will continue to update our members about ways you can take advantage of any relief opportunities created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and, as always, we will continue to offer excellent service to our members.

We wish you health and safety,

Tracy Donley, Senior Director of Cosmetology Programs
Associated Hair Professionals



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