Business Personal Property Insurance  for Hair Professionals

By Liz Kline  

Are you a solo entrepreneur? A booth or suite renter? Have you built up your business with a loyal clientele and consistently full book? Has the hair industry brought you success and put food on your table? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, let’s talk about why you need to protect yourself—and where business personal property insurance comes in.  

AHP offers liability insurance as one of the benefits of membership, but did you know AHP members get exclusive access to contents coverage for their equipment? This add-on is called business personal property insurance (referred to as BPP). BPP is an additional policy, offered by our insurance partners, that AHP members can get to protect their equipment and supplies in the event of a fire, flood, or theft.  

Let’s put this into perspective. As a professional, you know if you get named in a lawsuit, you need to have liability insurance. But one thing a lot of professionals don’t consider is protecting their equipment. This seems silly in hindsight, because we know that our chairs, tools, retail products, and supplies all cost money. If something were to happen—like a natural disaster—and your equipment is damaged leaving you unable to work, you could be looking to sign a new lease and trying to replace all your business equipment at the same time  

This add-on benefit covers members’ business-related property (equipment) both on and off premises—an important feature, since many policies do not cover property once it’s taken off business premises. For professionals who do styling services and events like weddings off site, you can rest easy knowing that both you and your equipment is protected, no matter what happens.  

Existing members please call 1-800-575-4642 or email to learn more about adding this BPP benefit.  

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