Artist Collective By Takeyra Shipps

"The Beauty of You"

By Takeyra Shipps

Ulta Beauty Design Team


Some looks leave us in awe of the power hair has to appear like a work of art. Just as some paintings and sculptures belong in a museum for all to appreciate, so do some of the most ornate masterpieces by hair artists. So is the case for the look “The Beauty of You” by Takeyra Shipps. Inspired by the representation of what textured hair is, this look celebrates natural beauty and elevates it to a new level. Complete with a crown of gold cord and elegant baby’s breath flowers, the look is strong and powerful, yet beautiful and delicate. Follow the steps below to achieve the look, and browse the rest of the images to get inspired by Takeyra’s other masterful looks.

Get the Look

  1. Start by parting the front of the hair from the back.
  2. In the front section, divide six subsections and ponytail them off. Finalize all customized edge/hairline work here before threading.
  3. Use the African threading technique with gold fashion cord to create the crown structure. (Fun fact: This technique is traditionally used to pre-stretch hair without heat to aid in easier styling.)
  4. Next, wrap the cord from the base to the ends, trying not to leave any exposed hair and tie off to secure, but do not cut excess string.
  5. After threading each ponytail, twist and mold each one, directing them into the base of a neighboring ponytail. The excess cord, from the ends, should be wrapped at the base to connect the two and is then tied off and cut to complete the crown.
  6. Add tight textured clip-in extensions in the back and nape sections to build more density in the fro texture.
  7. Flip the pieces placed on top of the head to direct the hair toward the face. This helps the fro stand up and have a nice circular shape.
  8. Last, for the cherry on top, embellish the fuller mane with baby’s breath for symbolism and to showcase its movement.

Products used

  • Pattern leave-in conditioner
  • Pattern styling cream
  • Pattern edge control


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