AHP Root Topic: Philanthropy & Giving Back

It’s been said the happiest people are not those who are getting more, but those who are giving more.

We all define success a little bit differently, but I’m pretty sure happiness is part of the definition for all of us. If you’ve had a little nagging voice in your head asking you to give back to your community and get involved with something meaningful, here’s your sign that it’s time.

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We’re all super busy with a list of legitimate excuses for why we can’t volunteer, donate, or get involved with a charitable cause. However, giving back to your community is something worth clearing a corner of your full plate for. There are so many ways we can include some philanthropy in our lives, and there are countless organizations, foundations, and individuals that need our help. Get some ideas here, then get together with your local AHP Root to discuss how other hairstylists fit philanthropy into their lives, and possibly find some ways you can get involved together. Giving back is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your business.

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What is an AHP Root?

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REAL CONNECTIONS. Smaller, more intimate face-to-face gatherings with local hair professionals to foster IRL connection.
REAL COMMUNITY. Get to know fellow hair professionals in your area, developing a support network, camaraderie, and elevated education opportunities.

Bye, competition. Hello, Community! #IndustryElevation

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