Your Brand is NOT Your Logo

brand logo infographic I can’t tell you how many frustrated people I’ve heard complain, “I had an awesome logo designed and we put it on everything but people still don’t seem to know our brand.” I’ve literally watched people point to their logo and claim, “Oh yeah, that’s our brand.”

Let’s think about this logically. A logo is nothing more than an image or grouping of letters that you decided to say represents you. But what is “you?” What is that logo representing? That is your brand.

Your brand is the entire package of the experience you provide. Your brand encompasses everything you do: the way you greet your clients, the style of salon chair you use, the images you promote on social media, weather or not you walk your clients to their car with an umbrella when it’s raining, how you dress for work, etc. There are things you can do to help form your brand and reinforce it (here are 25); but, ultimately, your brand is how your client sees you. Your logo merely represents that.

Even the best-looking, fantastically designed logos mean nothing until there is a memorable experience behind it.

Target logo 

This was only a bullseye until it became connected to a brightly lit, clean box store with super cute merchandise. This symbol now represents everything you could possibly think you need all in one place, at affordable prices, with the ability to inevitably suck $100 out of your pocket upon entrance: Target.

A business can have an incredible brand without even having a logo; but a logo cannot be incredible without representing an incredible brand. Don’t mistake that a logo will create your brand. Create an incredible brand and the logo will emerge.

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