A Wolf-Inspired Shaggy Cut

Layers, fringe, and easy ends are hot for spring and summer 2024, and Justin Michael Parra (@justinmichaelparrahair), stylist at La Bella Salon & Beauty Lounge, combines them all in his wolf-inspired shaggy cut. See it here and learn how to stay consistent when connecting layers. 

“It’s important to take vertical sections around the apex when connecting short layers to the parameter … this is how you maintain consistency in the shape,” says Parra. “It’s also important to keep some length because you need the variation to create those short to long, dramatic layers.” 

Tips for the Cut: 

  1. Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Razor for a very textured cut. 
  2. Create a guide off the part line to establish length. 
  3. For the fringe: Overdirect to the middle and cut vertically to create softness on the ends. 
  4. For the sides: Overdirect to the middle stationary guide to create a nice flow. Below the parietal ridge, extend your fingers to give more length. 
  5. For the “wolf tail”: Overdirect the longer back layers to the front and take off the corner. 
  6. For the back guide: Take a piece of hair off the fringe area and create a diamond section off the apex; cut horizontally, parallel to the ground. Travel further back to take a bit more hair off the apex to make sure the guide is nice and solid. 
  7. Take vertical sections traveling clockwise around the apex, elevate to find the guide and elevate more until the other guide is located and connect them.   
  8. If the hair is really dense, use Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shears to remove some bulk. 
  9. For styling: Apply a texture or sea salt spray and blow-dry. Add flat iron or barrel curls and break up into a beachy wave texture.  

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