When NOT to Come to the Salon

An appointment with your hairstylist is super exciting—
we get it.

You probably had to make the appointment weeks, or even months, in advance, and you’ve looked forward to it every day. Regardless of when you make the appointment, it’s a special occasion. And your hairstylist wants to see you just as much as you want to see them. But there are some times when even though it messes up our schedule for the day, lessens our paychecks, and breaks our hearts, we would rather you cancel your appointment.

A stock image of woman in bed with pillow over headWHEN YOU'RE SICK

You know when you drop your kid at daycare and some 2-foot, leaky-nosed munchkin immediately coughs on your baby? I don’t care how sweet you are, you cringe and inwardly curse their parents for bringing them to daycare to infect everyone. That’s how hairstylists feel when you walk into the salon with pockets full of cough drops and a box of tissues under your arm. We can’t afford to take off work for your cold just as you don’t want to take off work for the 2-foot child’s cold. We would much rather reschedule your appointment than have to rebook the next three days’ worth of clients because your tissue didn’t catch all the germs. It’s not just for our sake but for everyone in the salon, everyone about to visit the salon, and our own 2-footers waiting for us at home.

A stock image of woman itching neckWHEN YOU HAVE A RASH

One word: doctor. We’re smart—really, really smart. And we’re educated— continuously so. But we aren’t doctors. We love that you think we know everything pertaining to your hair, scalp, and who’s winning Dancing with the Stars, but the truth is we just aren’t equipped to diagnose your rashes. It could be something contagious that we shouldn’t touch or, even worse, we could inadvertently aggravate it and harm you. We don’t want it either. If you have something that looks suspicious or feels off, please see your doctor for clearance before your next hair appointment.


A stock image of woman with liceWHEN YOU HAVE LICE

Oh my gosh—if you take home nothing else from this article, please hear this: do NOT bring lice into the salon. We are not lice terminators. There are special, special places for that, but your salon isn’t it. Lice spread quickly. When it’s discovered that a client in the salon has lice, there are some pretty extreme protocols the salon must take, depending on the rules of their state board, often including closing the salon while precautions are made to eliminate the threat of spreading. Not only will your appointment come to an abrupt end, but so will the appointments of all of your fellow salon patrons that day. If you want your stylist’s lice advice, you can ask over the phone as you call to courteously cancel your appointment.


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