The Watercolor Technique

The Watercolor Technique

Heggy Gonzalez, creative mentor for Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, shares a formula for an application process she created and dubbed the “Watercolor Technique.”

“I love to use [this technique] because it creates a seamless transition between colors. I wanted the final look to create a strobing effect in the hair,” Gonzalez says.

The model was pre-lightened to a pale yellow and pre-toned prior to the final color application. Then, the final colors are applied with a fine mist water bottle in layers to create an ombre effect.

THE FORMULAA stock image of rainbow hair and model looking at camera

Aveda Full Spectrum Demi

A.   + 20g 0N + 20g 10N + 4g Light Ash + 40g 5v Developer

Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent Hair Color
B.   30g Universal 0N + 10g Blue Pure Pigment + 40g 10v Developer
C.   40g 5v Liquid Developer + 1g Blue Pure Pigment
D.   80g 5v Liquid Developer + 10g Violet Pure Pigment + 2g Blue Pure Pigment


Step 1:   Pre-lighten hair to a pale yellow and tone with Formula A.
Step 2:   Dry hair and section into quadrants. Work in ¼” slightly diagonal sections from bottom to top.
Step 3:   Apply Formulas B–D using the following techniques:
     • Formula B: Apply to the root area using a brush.
     • Formula C: Apply to the midshaft using a fine mist spray bottle.
     • Formula D: Apply to the ends using a fine mist spray bottle.
Step 4:   Separate each section with plastic wrap to prevent bleeding.
Step 5:   Allow to process. Then rinse, shampoo, and condition.




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