Washington Advisory Board Seeking New Members

Make a difference in the industry and claim a seat at the table! The Washington State Department of Licensing Department is seeking submissions from individuals interested in serving as a board member on the Cosmetology, Hair Design, Barbering, Esthetics, and Manicuring Advisory Board (Board).

AHP encourages interested and eligible members to apply for an appointment because it’s a rewarding opportunity to learn about various functions of state government and it provides an important service to the community.

The Board Wants You!
Members serve a three-year term, and although this is an unpaid position, members receive $50 a day for travel expenses. The Board is recruiting four professional members:

  • A barber
  • A cosmetologist
  • A manicurist
  • A master esthetician

Wait, Am I Qualified?
All applicants must be licensed professionals who are currently practicing and have at least three years of working experience in their respective field.

What Does the Board Do Exactly?
The Board’s primary mission is to promote public safety by educating and promoting competent practice. The Board also addresses licensee concerns and makes recommendations for rule changes. Learn more about the Board here.

I Want In, How Do I Apply?
If you’re interested in serving on the Board, complete this application form and email it to DOLBoards@dol.wa.gov. You’ll need to include your personal information, educational background, license(s) held, employment history, professional memberships, and references.

Your voice and expertise matter. Help influence the future of Washington cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, and manicuring by applying for a board position today!

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