Vivienne Mackinder's Hair Heroes

The incredible Vivienne Mackinder published a blog post about her icons, who she defined as “Influencers who have withstood the passage of time, which makes them ICONS.” Since Vivienne IS an icon in our industry, we were super curious to see who she looks up to. What was most striking about her choices, however, was how she described them:

Check out my hair heroes who never stop learning. For decades they have continued to inspire me; they are not in a rush to learn, realizing mastery is a journey, not a destination. My hair heroes always make the hair the star—not themselves—and what continues to impress me is their tenacity, discipline, and amazing work ethic.

Despite what you see on social media, the goal is not to become an influencer. The goal is to become an influencer with staying power—an icon. That staying power comes from education.

See Mackinder’s icons here.

“These magnificent six masters took a lifetime in their long careers to reach these lofty heights,” Vivienne writes. Keep going; keep educating yourself; keep going!



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