Virginia Adopts Cosmetology Compact

A cosmetology multistate license is almost here, and Virginia just brought us one step closer! AHP is excited to announce that the Virginia legislature adopted House Bill 322 (HB 322), the Cosmetology Licensure Compact (Compact), in early April. You may remember the goal of the Compact is to simplify interstate cosmetology practice and regulation by reducing holdups and delays that often occur when moving to a different state.

Now that Virginia has enacted the Compact—joining Alabama, Arizona, and Kentucky—just three more states need to pass the Compact bill before cosmetologists in participating states can get a multistate license. This multistate license will make it easier for professionals to work in other states temporarily. We’ll let you know once enough states pass this bill so you can start moving from one compact-participating state to another. Click here for more info or a refresher about the Compact.

AHP was in favor of HB 322. We wrote a letter of support to the Virginia legislature and encouraged AHP members to contact their local representatives to do the same. We’d like to thank everyone who took time to submit comments. It’s so important for lawmakers to hear from people who will be directly impacted by a bill—key stakeholders like you—and we applaud the professionals who elevated their voices to help pass this legislation. Way to go, industry advocates!

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