Utah Adds New License Category

Attention: Mascara wands down and lashing tools up! The newly enacted Senate Bill 112 (SB 112) creates a state license for an eyelash and eyebrow technician, an eyelash and eyebrow technician instructor, and an eyelash and eyebrow technology school in Utah. The bill is effective May 1, 2024.

SB 112 defines the practice of eyelash and eyebrow technology as “arching eyebrows by tweezing, tinting eyelashes or eyebrows, perming eyelashes or eyebrows, or applying eyelash or eyebrow extensions.” To receive an eyelash and eyebrow technician license, a student will have to complete a 100-hour training course or a 125-hour apprenticeship.

The bill broadens the scopes of practice for estheticians, cosmetologists/barbers, and master-level estheticians. Eyelash and eyebrow technology services (detailed above) are added to the “practice of basic esthetics” and “practice of cosmetology/barbering” definitions. These services are now within scope. But don’t worry, if you’re currently a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist/barber, you can still perform lashing services—you do not need a separate license. SB 112 also allows master-level estheticians to perform eyelash and eyebrow technology services and dermaplaning.

Lastly, SB 112 changes membership of the Cosmetology and Associated Professions Licensing Board (Board). An eyelash and eyebrow technician member will be added to the Board to demonstrate inclusion and full representation of the cosmetology industry.

AHP advocated on behalf of cosmetology and skin care professionals and supported SB 112. You can view our comments here.

Effective date: May 1, 2024.

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