Trending: High and Tight Bun

Lindsey Olson (@lindsey.marie.olson), Sam Villa ambassador, says high, twisted, tight buns with a 90s sleek finish are currently trending. The smaller shape complements the fuller silhouettes of oversized cropped-tops, wide-leg pants, and chunky lug soles.  

“This glossy, knotted style can easily be adapted for trend-forward guests, as well as those looking for relevant special occasion styles,” says Olson. 

Tools and products used: 

Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer with concentrator 

Tail comb 

Artist Series finishing brush 

Dry sectioning clips 

Sleekr professional straightening iron 

Elastic cord 

Redken high hold thermal spray 

Spray wax 


Spraying each section with thermal spray and positioning a finishing brush close to the head while trailing the blow-dryer and directionally blow-drying helps create a sleek, tight, high-polish finish. It pushes hair close to the scalp while smoothing the cuticle. 

Directing hair on the sides up higher than the cheekbones is really flattering. 

Sectioning hair into multiple ponytails and joining them together is what creates the tight, controlled shape and surface. 

Use an elastic cord and butcher’s knots for a bump-free, tight ponytail. 

Twisting the two sections of the final ponytail in opposite directions before wrapping around the base of the tail adds more detail to the look. 

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