Trending: Balletcore Bun

“A bun is always on trend; it’s just consistently being modified, says Lindsey Olson (@lindsey.marie.olson), Sam Villa Ambassador. “From salons [to] weddings to runways, buns will forever be present.” This season, pretty, feminine fashion—ballet flats, muted pastel palettes, bubble hems, drop waists and puff sleeves—have influenced buns to take on ballet-inspired elements … volume, softness, and femininity. Stylists can stay on their toes behind the chair with this simple balletcore bun from Olson. 

“On stage ballerinas can have a really tight, sleek bun, but the balletcore bun is softer and has more volume and texture,” says Olson. 

Balletcore Bun 

  • Prep dry hair with a root lifter. For this example, the stylist used Redken Root Lifter. 
  • Use an ionic blow dryer to disperse the product throughout the hair and build volume. 
    • To create more texture and mass, use a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron on the interior of the hair. This adds lift to the root area and some volume to the bun, which adds to its trendiness. 

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