Trend: Crimping is Back

According to Byrdie, crimping is back, and celebrities like Beyoncé, KK, Keke Palmer, and Saweetie are all fans. Though anyone who likes volume, big braids, and cool texture never thought it went away. What makes this news exciting is that there are now more options in terms of types of irons and the texture they produce. Sam Villa, co-founder and chief creative officer for Sam Villa and global artistic ambassador for Redken, breaks down three types of Sam Villa texture irons, how to use them, and the results they deliver. 

Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron 

Multiple Rounded Small Ridges—These ridges resurface the cuticle to hold texture, create multi-textured finishes, and create a foundation of texture to support a style. It has a slim handle, titanium-coated rounded plates to eliminate snagging, and a slightly longer body for controlled compression. Targeted temperature technology allows for three different temperature controls, including one for color-treated hair. 

Result—This iron creates three times the volume with a subtle, uniform crimping pattern. Good for adding volume to fine hair or bumps at the crown as well as foundations for longer lasting updos, thicker braids, and fuller buns. The underlying volume it generates allows hair to be molded into any style while adding a modern, textured finish.   

Pro Results Single Waver 

One Deep Narrow Barrel—The unique, single, U-shaped, deep barrel creates flowing waves and soft movement on any hair texture, while a ceramic coating adds shine and custom heat settings protect the health of hair.   

Result—A pronounced wave with intense ripples; the ultimate glam wave with a luxe feel. Makes more of an impact than the double waver and the perfect glam waves in far less time than a traditional set. 

Pro Results Double Waver 

Two Subtle Rounded Barrels—Dual 1-inch ceramic-infused barrels provide exact heat and mega shine for effortless, long-lasting waves in half the time. Five heat settings ranging from 280º to 430ºF make it effective on all hair types. 

Result—Soft, round waves, good for boho updos or soft braids, creating romantic soft texture, and great for use on natural curls to accentuate and define texture patterns. 

Regardless of which iron is used, follow these tips for best results.  

How to Use a Crimping Iron 

  • Spray each section with Redken Thermal Spray and comb through. Hair has to be smooth before compressing to get uniform, polished results. The denser the hair, the smaller the section. 
  • Count to three on each compression for consistency while working down the hair strand. Fingers can also be used on the end for added pressure. 
  • Cool hair thoroughly to lock in the texture pattern before styling. 

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