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Lived-in, slightly messy styles are the hottest, most requested hair trend and they’re not going anywhere. “Guests want cuts that match their attitude and are fairly easy to style,” says Manda Ziegelman, Sam Villa Ambassador. 

“A ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ vibe gives the ‘I didn’t try too hard,’ organic, and textured feel with disheveled movement. The way to achieve this look is to not overthink it and to start with a great cut. My go-to is the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor to carve a beautiful shape. Be careful not to add too many layers on the surface because the beauty of this look happens from within. This model’s hair is thick and dense, so removing bulk out of the interior with a Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Swivel Shear to collapse the shape is a crucial move. In the finer and sparser areas, just a few snips with a Sam Villa Signature Series 14 Tooth Point Cutting Shear does the trick.  

“The magic of this look is created by styling, and it’s so important to not overdo it; less is definitely more here. I use my product of choice, Cult + King Jelly, at the base to activate root volume that isn’t too fluffy. After, rough-dry with your hands and pick and pull layers in slight twisting motions with your fingers covered in Vegan Balm to create separation and a tendrilly silhouette.” 

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