Tips for Applying Natural-Looking Extensions with Bouncy Curls 

Silky-smooth extensions with curls that spring back effortlessly are a sight to behold.  Jada Jenkins (@jadajenkinsco), Sam Villa ambassador, Mizani artist, and owner of L'amour de Rose Salon, posted on Instagram that “Patience + Persistence = A Great Reward!” Prepare to be stunned here


“This was a long process. The guest had previous color that needed to be toned down, but it was worth it” says Jenkins. 

  1. Choose extension hair that matches the natural hair’s texture to help it look as natural and seamless as possible. 
  2. Color the extensions using the same formula as the new hair color. 
  3. Discuss the client’s daily lifestyle and habits to determine how much leave out the guest wants. Identify parting—side or middle (the Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb crates nice, clean lines). 
  4. Braid the hair down flat with little to no major tension. 
  5. Attach wefts to the braids in a U shape to create a natural look and great coverage for the hairline. Depending on how full the guest wants their hair to look will determine how many bundles you will put in. On average, Jenkins uses 2–3 bundles.  The length also depends on the guest’s preference, though Jenkins recommends going at least 2 inches longer than their actual hair length. 
  6. Cut the hair and wefts and frame the face as desired by the client. 
  7. The extensions should match the natural hair texture (which is likely a higher texture). Smooth the hair out using a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron. Then, go in with a barrel curling iron to create soft, bouncy curls. 

“I recommend keeping extensions in [for] no longer than 8 weeks, and I always suggest for guests to pin-curl their hair at night to preserve curls and add longevity to the style,” says Jenkins. 

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