Textured Hair Education

If you’ve graduated cosmetology school but feel there may be something missing from your education, you may be right. Sometimes, cosmetology school curriculums miss the critical education of textured (or wavy, curly, and coily) hair. This leads to professionals lacking the skill set and expertise required to provide services to clients with textured hair.   

Many salon clients struggle to find stylists with the necessary skills to style textured hair, and stylists may lack the confidence or basic education to serve clients with varying types of textured hair. To address this long overdue gap in hairstyling services, Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes is leading the charge in desegregating the salon by making textured hair education mandatory in its cosmetology schools. Recently, Aveda Arts & Sciences held a panel to discuss the future of textured hair education in America.  

“What we do as professionals in the beauty space has a profound impact on people’s lives,” said Edwin Neill, chief executive officer of the Neill Corporation and president of Aveda Arts & Sciences. “The beauty industry is a force for good in our world. And the industry is coming together in a way that it hasn’t before to make sure that these education standards are implemented throughout the country.” 

To read more about Aveda Arts & Sciences’ push for more accessible textured hair education, click the link below.  


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