Texas Business Licenses Receiving New Look

The barbering and cosmetology world is used to a good glow-up—makeovers are what we do! However, transformations are what we typically see behind the chair. After March 4, 2024, expect a change to your business license.

Due to House Bill 1560 (87R), the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) rolled out new business licenses with a new license number and license type for barber businesses March 4, 2024. Cosmetology businesses will also receive an updated business license, but that will occur when the license is renewed.

How Will This Affect My Business License?
"Establishment" will replace the heading of "Texas Barbering and Cosmetology" and the titles of "shop," "salon," "shop/salon" on all licenses.

Note: Barbershops will receive a new license number. Beauty salons will keep their existing license numbers, but the heading and title will change.

The new license titles will be displayed as follows:

  • Barbershops, beauty salons, and dual shops/salons will change to “full-service establishments.”
  • Mini-barbershops, mini-salons, and mini-dual shops/salons will change to “mini-establishments.”
  • Mobile shops, mobile beauty salons, mobile specialty shops, and mobile specialty salons will change to “mobile establishment.”*

* The term “specialty” includes manicure, hair weaving, esthetician, esthetician/manicure, and mobile eyelash extension shops.

How to Renew After March 4, 2024
Barbering businesses will have access to their old license number through TDLR’s License Data Search website, where a license can be looked up if business owners need to verify information about their establishment. Follow this link to renew a “shop,” “salon,” or “shop/salon” license online.

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