Tech Check

5 Ways to Hit the Refresh Button On Your Business Tools laptop and cell phone

by Kristin Coverly


Technology is constantly evolving. Are you keeping up? Do these five things to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your technology buck.


Don’t panic! I don’t mean completely overhaul your website. I mean change at least one thing on your website to keep it updated and give clients a reason to come back. Add new before-and-after photos or a video introducing yourself and your business. Reorganize your pages. Refresh your language and descriptions. Make sure your package plans, referral program, and specials are highlighted and timely (nothing says “I’m not paying attention to my business” like a September special that’s still on your home page in April).


When is the last time you gave your credit card fees a once-over? Calculate what you pay in fees for every treatment over the course of the year, and—after you pick yourself up off the floor—you’ll realize it’s absolutely worth spending a little time to reduce this cost if you can. Evaluate whether paying a monthly fee and smaller per-swipe percentage is better for your business than paying a higher per-swipe fee and no monthly fee (tip: it depends on your volume). Look around—does another company offer a better plan? Make sure you’re getting the best deal available for your business.


An online scheduling program is an incredibly valuable business tool for you and your clients, but it’s not a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of tool. You’ll maximize what it has to offer if you give it some attention. Sure, you log in to adjust your schedule on a regular basis, but are you taking a few extra minutes to explore new features? Providers frequently add new options to meet users’ needs and requests. Check to see what’s available and don’t be afraid to integrate something new.


Are you using your phone and tablet as valued business partners? You should be. There are so many apps—for scheduling, marketing, finances, task management, and more—that can make your work life easier and more efficient. Make sure you tap into the more inspiring benefits of technology, too, and turn your tablet into a self-care resource. Download meditation, yoga, and stretching apps to use between appointments and at the beginning and end of your day.


Social media can be a fantastic way to connect with current and potential clients and create an online community for your business. It’s not always convenient, though, to pop online in the middle of the day to post something. Simplify the process by scheduling a week’s worth of posts in advance. For example, when you’re creating a Facebook post on your business page, it allows you to select a future date and time when that post will appear. To preschedule posts across the other platforms— and multiple platforms at once—try a scheduling tool like Buffer or HootSuite.


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