Styling Trend: The Farm Chic Bridal Theme

Jamie McDaniel (@jamiemcdhair), Sam Villa ambassador, shares tips on creating “farm chic” bridal hairstyles for something a little different than typical updos. McDaniel wanted to mimic the beautiful volume of a model’s dress for a photoshoot—like that of a wedding gown—and knew the hairstyle had to be just as powerful.  

How To Create the Farm Chic Style: 

  1. Create two ponytails, leaving out shorter hair around the face. Place one-third of the hair in an elastic, starting at the top of the ears and drawing your finger straight up. Place the rest of the hair in a bigger elastic on top of the head, right behind the first elastic.  
  2. Set the hair in both ponytails using a high-hold thermal spray (such as Redken Thermal Spray 22). Follow with a 1-inch Sam Villa Artist Series 2-n-1 Marcel Iron & Wand, then let cool. 
  3. For the smaller ponytail, brush and stretch out the curls with a Sam Villa Artist Series Finishing Brush, then pin into place around the face.  
  4. For the larger ponytail, use your fingers to comb out curls and apply a styling wax, such as Redken Spray Wax, to add definition. Use a tail comb to plump up volume at the base of the hair, then pile curls high on the head and pin them into place.  
  5. Detail the ponytail by pulling and fluffing out the curls and spraying the style into place with a workable hair spray, like Redken’s Brushable Hairspray.  

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