The Soft and Sweet High Bridal Ponytail

With bridal season in full swing, a few hairstyles have risen to the top of stylists’ and brides’ lists. “This is one of my most requested ponytails,” says Caralee Pridemore (@caraleestyles), Sam Villa ambassador and founder of Sweetly Pinned by Caralee.  Pridemore is referring to this high bridal ponytail—and she has a pretty serious arsenal of amazing ponytails. 

“Brides love a good ponytail because it allows them to feel like themselves, plus it’s super comfortable and stable,” adds Pridemore. “I think this one has been so popular this season because it’s placed high on the head, which lifts facial features, and it’s the perfect balance of clean polish and soft texture.” 

The Style: High Bridal Ponytail  

Start by using Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Texturizing Iron all over if using on fine hair. If hair is thicker or more coarse, start at crown area and focus around the face, using vertical slices at root. 

Curl everything with a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand 1.5”, alternating curls for a looser look. 

Add backcombing at the crown area with a tail comb for volume. 

Use a texture spray to tousle curls and give volume to the ponytail. 

Leave face-framing pieces out and comb everything else towards the middle of the crown for an elevated ponytail. 

Secure the ponytail using a hair bungee, then grab the remaining pieces and place overtop the ponytail. Take hair from the left and wrap around, then do the same with the right. Wrap around and pull through the ponytail using a topsy tail hair tool.  

Curl any remaining face-framing pieces away from the face and fan out using hairspray and a tail comb to create an effortless look. 

For added volume and more density, ask the bride/client to bring clip-in extensions. 

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