Sharpen Your Skills with HairDesignerTV

HairDesignerTV is your destination for refining skills, no matter if you’re a novice or experienced hairstylist. The training system is brought to you by Vivienne Mackinder, who has been an icon and educator in the hair industry for years. Her passion for her craft has inspired many of today’s industry leaders in editorial styling and education. Check out some of the courses offered: 

  • The Designer Program: This self-paced, in-depth course is for stylists of all levels that builds the foundation to mastery. It runs seven months to a year and is divided into five sections. 
  • One Girl, Seven Looks: This master haircutting program journeys through seven haircuts, from long to short, designed to sharpen your skills and shorten your haircut time. 
  • Who is Sitting in Your Chair?: In this soft skills program, Vivienne guides you step-by-step through her certified consultation program. Learn how to design for your client’s lifestyle, personality, and face shape with over 20 exclusive video tutorials. 
  • Hair Heroes Series: For this course, Vivienne sits down to speak with fellow hair masters. Hear their stories and follow along as they teach technical skills. 
  • Color Series Live: In this course, you’ll learn color theory and techniques from color masters. You can watch it live or view it later. 

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