Self-Care for Hairstylists—Be Your Own Best Friend

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Self-Care for Hairstylists—Be Your Own Best Friend

By Phenix Salon Suites Founder & Beauty Expert, Gina Rivera

It’s easy to be one’s own worst critic, but as time goes on, I realize we really must be our own best advocate. Yes, it’s natural to have things you dislike about yourself, but I believe rather than focusing on flaws, it’s best to look at areas where you may be able to improve.

I am all about learning to become your own best cheerleader. Being your own cheerleader means learning to talk more kindly to yourself. When you keep saying the same things to yourself over and over again, you start believing them. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of your self-talk and make sure it is positive.

Along with this, there are some positive actions you can take that will also contribute to being your own cheerleader. For example, talk to your favorite esthetician and come up with a beauty routine you can do in the morning and evening to take care of your skin. Make that the part of your day where you pamper yourself. Perhaps light a scented candle when you go through this ritual to make it extra relaxing.

Additionally, take time to give your hair and scalp wellness treatments. Once a week do a clarifying treatment on your hair to remove all the excess buildup. My favorite way to clarify my hair is to make my own paste from baking soda and water, which I massage from my scalp to the tips of my hair. This is a great way to get blood to your scalp and remove the buildup from products that might be clogging your hair follicles.

Once you get the buildup removed, don’t forget to put the moisture back in. Apply a good weekly or biweekly deep conditioner depending on your hair type. Hint: For coarser textured hair, you will want to apply a deep conditioner more frequently.

Another easy way to pamper yourself is rather than rushing through the grocery store and grabbing the first conditioner and shampoo you see on sale, take time to select a really good wetline. I’m talking about something packed with nutrients, collagen, and biotin that will make the hair thrive. My recommendation is Pure BioGen Complex. Use it for a while and your hair will really show the difference.

Of course, once we have the right products and a good routine for care, we need to have the right styling tools to get the most out of our look. I suggest using tools that have infrared technology because they lock the moisture into the hair rather than pull it out.

Next, take a look at those nails. Is it time for a pedi and mani? If yes, then make time to treat yourself and go to the nail salon. Not only will you feel that you look better once you finish, but the nail salon can be a very relaxing experience that is good for your mental health as well as your appearance.

Speaking of mental health, this is an area many of us can probably work on. Maintaining good mental health means setting aside time in your week to relax and recuperate. I know how hard that can be for many of us. I recommend building some time in your calendar to take a walk, spend time with a family member, or chill in a bubble bath. Whatever that means for you, make some time for it. You and those you love will be better off for it.

As professionals in the beauty industry, we are often focused on lifting others up. But remember, if you aren’t your best cheerleader, then who is going to be?


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