The Secret to Long-Lasting, Voluminous Waves

Lindsey Olson (@lindsey.marie.olson), Sam Villa ambassador, unlocks the secrets to crafting stunning, long-lasting voluminous waves in this tutorial, which starts with preparing hair with a blowout for volume and smoothness, then using a curling iron to create waves that stand the test of time. 

“Using multiple brushes in your blowout before you do your iron work can really heighten your results and make waves last for days,” says Olson. 

Olson uses the following brushes for her blowout: 

  • Sam Villa Artist Series Spiral Thermal Brush for the long nylon bristles that create lift and the boar bristles that provide tension. Both help create shine and control at the base and mid-shafts. 
  • Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Round Brush for fuller movement at the ends. 
  • Sam Villa Signature Series Paddle Brush for maximum control while wrap-drying to build movement. 
  • Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush for the combination of boar bristles and tourmaline-infused nylon bristles that create a beautiful, smooth, and frizz-free polish. 

Things to remember when blow-drying: 

  • Always use a blow-dry product like Redken Quick Blowout to protect hair and speed up blow-dry time. 
  • Blow-dry the hair base first, then the mid-shafts and ends. 
  • Brush over the top of the hair at the base for more polish versus underneath the hair. 
  • The higher the hair is held up, the more volume that is created. 
  • For the back of the hair, flat-wrap dry (in an X motion) with a paddle brush to maximize movement. Once hair is dry, use the mixed boar/nylon bristle round brush on the mid-shafts and round thermal brush on the ends. 
  • After drying, twist each section and let it cool for more bounce. 

Things to remember when doing iron work: 

  • Spray Redken Thermal Spray 11 section by section when working (base, mid-shaft, and ends) versus spraying the entire head first. 
  • Use a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand and loosely flat-wrap hair on the sides around the curling iron barrel at a low elevation to create movement but not necessarily volume. 
  • Finish with a styling brush to smooth waves and add shine. 

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