Sam Villa Wins Icon Leadership Award

During Premiere Orlando, Collective Inkd Magazine held its Inkd Awards 2023: Celebrating Beauty Industry Visionaries, and Sam Villa received the Icon Leadership Award. 

The Icon Leadership Award honors individuals who have made an indelible impact on the beauty industry through exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to education, inspiration, and the industry. It recognizes iconic figures who serve as beacons of inspiration that guide artists and lead professionals towards excellence by sharing their knowledge, imparting valuable skills, and nurturing the next generation of talent. Their commitment to giving back and supporting numerous charitable initiatives showcases their compassion and desire to create positive change.   

Upon accepting the award, Villa said, “When we choose to be a teacher, we must never stop learning.  Let’s listen to the youth, they are the future…. embrace them; someday, they will be running this industry.”  See the acceptance here. 

“Sam Villa, the iconic figure behind Redken and Sam Villa, received the highly coveted Icon Leadership Award,” said Chrystofer Benson, Editor-in-Chief of Collective Inkd Magazine. His exceptional leadership, education, inspiration, and innovation have left an indelible mark on the beauty industry. Sam has helped shape the future of beauty, inspiring artists and industry professionals worldwide.”  

Other awards included:  

  • Capture Award: Richard Linchetta  
  • Innovation Award: Dennis Joseph BaByliss  
  • Disruption Award: L3VEL 3 – Jay Nouri, Arod, Terry Nouri  
  • Leadership Award: Brittany Hickman, Pulp Riot  
  • Trailblazer Award: Meg Gilbert  
  • Technology Award: Phorest  

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