Sam Villa Company Announces New President, Regina Baptista

The Sam Villa Company, one of the most iconic brands in the hair styling industry, is excited to announce the appointment of Regina Baptista as the new president. As a dynamic and experienced leader with a deep knowledge of the beauty industry and product innovation, Baptista will be charged with helping the brand gain market share in its categories, do more business in existing domestic and international markets, and introduce the Sam Villa brand to a new generation of professionals and consumers. 

Baptista joins the company as it celebrates its 15th anniversary and continues to grow and build by always challenging the status quo, inspiring change, and motivating legions of hairdressers globally through education. The Sam Villa brand represents a movement in the industry, and Baptista is thrilled to be personally joining this authentic and inspiring organization. 

“The Sam Villa brand has successfully differentiated itself within the industry and is widely recognized among haircare professionals for creating the ergonomic shears category and innovating the styling tools category at-large,” says Baptista. “I’m excited to partner with the Sam Villa founders as we look to expand the business into new categories and strategically grow its base together. I look forward to working with the entire Sam Villa team to deepen the brand’s strong professional awareness globally and further develop its ability to authentically connect with professionals directly and through its trusted partners.” 

“We believe this year is a significant milestone for our brand in many ways,” says Beth Carson, co-founder of the Sam Villa Company. “Regina’s appointment as the new president marks an important move for our company, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Her successful track record of delivering consistent results for brands seeking to grow market share, create disruption, expand globally, and build enduring industry partnerships makes her the right person to drive our ambitious new growth plan as president,” she adds.  

Baptista will lead the company’s growth momentum with a focus on broadening the Sam Villa product and education offerings, developing category innovation for the brand, creating a deeper connection with hairdressers, enhancing the brand’s affinity and customer loyalty, and expanding partnerships and distribution. 

The Sam Villa Company is also very pleased to announce that Petro Wood has been elevated to the role of chief financial Officer and will continue her outstanding contributions to the company’s growth and profitability. During the past six years since joining the Sam Villa team, Wood has demonstrated exceptional financial management and reporting for the business and has been key to the company’s success.  

Wood’s dedication to fiscal management and sound data reporting has improved the organization’s ability to identify opportunities for growth while also improving the company’s bottom line. Her work has been instrumental in helping the company achieve its strategic goals and ensure long-term financial stability.  

“Petro has been a most valuable asset to the company’s leadership team, the three founders and our investor partners,” notes Carson. “Her expertise in financial management and ERP systems has been exceptional, and her contribution to our growth and profitability has been vital. We are pleased to continue working with Petro and look forward to her leadership in driving the financial success of our company.”  

Wood will continue to report and work with the founders on company financial performance and outlook. She will also work closely alongside Baptista to ensure the company’s future growth and success. 

The appointments of Baptista and Wood provide a solid foundation of highly qualified and experienced professionals to lead the Sam Villa Company forward to meet its growth and expansion goals. “I couldn’t be prouder of the brand and company we’ve built over the last 15 years and having the pleasure of leading the organization as president for the past almost 7 years of growth and profitability. Placing Regina and Petro in these two pivotal roles ensures the brand and its legacy will continue to build momentum for many years to come,” adds Carson. 

Carson will continue to remain actively involved as a co-founder and member of the executive leadership team, working on the company’s strategic partnerships, new initiatives, investor relations and Advisory Board. She will also continue her current roles with the Professional Beauty Association’s Board of Directors and Manufacturers Advisory Council.  

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