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Sally Beauty announced the launch of Sally Beauty Cultivate - For Women by Women, a business accelerator program to help women beauty entrepreneurs grow their business.

With an established track record of supporting emerging products and entrepreneurs before they were household names, Sally Beauty is actively looking for innovative hair care products and brands that will address the needs of their customers. "We are thrilled to launch the Sally Beauty Cultivate program," said Carrie McDermott, President of Sally Beauty. "We continue to be inspired by all of the terrific women entrepreneurs we have met over the years and believe in supporting women who are developing products to make her best accessory, her hair, even better."

Beginning today, Sally Beauty will accept entries from female-owned hair care brands who are looking to expand their business. The top brand will receive $25,000 in financial support, product distribution at, and mentorship from the Sally Beauty team as well as some of their brand's famous business owners. They will also receive the opportunity to get their product directly into the hands of high demand beauty influencers at one of Sally Beauty's monthly influencer events.

Jamira Johnson, VP Digital and Innovation at Sally Beauty commented, "Sally Beauty has a long history of collaborating with women entrepreneurs to help launch their brands in our stores and online. We're excited to identify the next wave of women entrepreneurs and help support them through the Sally Beauty Cultivate program." 

Sally Beauty has a long history of supporting female-owned hair care businesses with nearly 1 in 3 sales supporting hair care and hair color brands created or owned by women and 1 in 5 textured hair sales supporting brands founded by African American women.

Now, Sally Beauty is looking for the next big hair care brand founded by a woman with their Sally Beauty Cultivate – For Women By Women program. If you think you have the next innovative product in hair care, you can visit to enter between June 18 and July 18 .



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