Pastel Hair Colors

By AHP Staff

As an R+Co Collective member and color expert, Kandasamy has his finger on the pulse of color trends. “I have been doing a lot of pastel colors and even bolder placement of color,” he adds. “I’ve also seen a lot of new color virgins. They have been exposed to so much color on social media, they feel like they need to join the fun.” And whose heart doesn’t go pitter-patter when a color virgin sits in front of us for a pastel hair color transformation?

hairstylist with pastel hairWHY WE LOVE PASTEL HAIR COLOR

Clients can play with delicate, pastel hues and still be blonde. Different pastel colors offer a wide range of vibes or energies, giving clients the ability to be a chameleon while still having a timeless base color that’s only a few washes away. It’s the best of both worlds!


Everyone can rock this look! Some prefer a softer, pastel look, while others may want to experiment with a bold, vibrant hue. With a wide array of pastel colors and your amazing talent, the look can be adapted to every client’s unique needs and personality. Of course, pastel hair color transformations are easier for clients who are naturally blonde or already rocking blonde locks. For clients with darker hair, you’ll want to set realistic expectations on how long it will take to reach the appropriate level of pastel lightness. Quicker and healthier options for brunettes might be colored balayage or block color.


Inspiration is everywhere! When it comes to digital sources, Kandasamy says to check out the Instagram accounts of fashion brands, paying attention to the colors, patterns, and fabrics highlighted on the runaway. Color authority @pantone is always a great go-to for pastel hair color inspiration; for creative pastel color combos, take a look at @rebeccataylorhair; and @alfiehair is dishing out some gorgeous pastel coifs.


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