Pennsylvania Legislature Introduces Cosmetology Compact Bill

The Pennsylvania legislature introduced House Bill 1930, the Cosmetology Licensure Compact (Compact), on December 28, 2023. The Compact will simplify interstate cosmetology practice and regulation with the goal of reducing unnecessary burdens related to licensure by endorsement or reciprocity. Essentially, HB 1930 will make it easier for licensed cosmetologists to work in other jurisdictions.

Once at least seven states pass the bill, cosmetologists in participating states will be able to obtain a multistate license, so long as they have no encumbrances against their license in their home state. The Compact will allow licensed cosmetologists to temporarily move from one compact state to another without long application wait times or a hiatus between practicing. The bill ultimately increases the mobility of lawfully practicing cosmetologists in compact-participating states by reducing long processing times.

If you believe an interstate license would benefit cosmetologists, write a letter to your representatives. AHP is in favor of HB 1930 and sent a letter of support to the Pennsylvania legislature. When writing to your elected officials, you can use language from our letter of support and share your own experiences with lawmakers.

You can find your state representatives here. If you have questions about the Compact, please email AHP’s Government Relations team at

Note: The Compact is only for licensed cosmetologists and is not available to licensed barbers or licensed estheticians. Compacts for these professions may become available in the future.

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