Oklahoma Adopts New Cosmetology Rules

The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering (Board) adopted new cosmetology rules that affect the following areas: definitions, Board sanctions, rulemaking processes, master cosmetology/barber instructors, disinfection procedures, approved school products, and threading technician exam criteria.

The new rules went into effect September 11, 2022. ASCP, AHP, and ANP have summarized the rule changes for you below. If you have questions or concerns, contact Human Resources Specialist Marie Saatkamp at marie.saatkamp@careertech.ok.gov.


The Board added “threading” and “threading technician” definitions to explain the application process and who may perform the service for the new threading technician license category.

Threading—a form of temporary hair removal performed by twisting and rolling a thread along the surface of the skin, entangling the hair in the thread, and removing it from the hair follicle.

Threading technician—a person with a limited specialty cosmetology license issued by the Board to perform threading in a licensed establishment.

Board Sanctions

The adopted rules explain that if a licensee fails to pay a citation issued by the Board, it will be considered a deliberate violation of the rules. The Board may refuse to renew an individual’s license until the citation is paid.


The new rules detail that an individual may request that the Board adopt, amend, or repeal a rule. The request must be made in writing and include the following:

  • The name, address, and telephone number of the person making the request
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the agency or organization the person represents (if applicable)
  • An explanation for requesting a rule’s adoption, amendment, or repeal—include the rule number if the request is to amend or repeal an existing rule
  • Proposed language if the request is to amend an existing rule or to adopt a new one

The Board must respond to a request within 30 calendar days.

Master Cosmetology/Barber Instructor Requirements

The rules clarify that individuals registered in a cosmetology or barber instructor course who let their license lapse will not be credited with work experience.

Disinfection Procedures

The new rules make it clear that tools or materials that will be in contact with a client should never be placed in the licensee’s mouth or other mucus membranes.

Approved School Products

Only professional products will be allowed in schools to meet educational requirements.

Threading Technician Licensing Exam

The adopted rules add a new section to explain the threading technician license exam process. To be eligible, an individual must:

  • Be at least 17 years old, or have a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Submit a completed application
  • Submit a 2” x 2” full-face photograph taken within the last six months—no embellishments or filters that alter the face may be used
  • Complete a safety and sanitation exam with a passing score of at least 75 percent—the exam must be closed-book

If an applicant has disability as defined by the American Disabilities Act, they must submit a written statement requesting oral exam or other special testing accommodation(s).

Effective September 11, 2022.

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