Ohio Introduces New Cosmetology School Rules

On May 18, 2022, the State Cosmetology and Barber Board (Board) amended the Ohio Administrative Code and finalized three new rules that affect cosmetology schools. The new rules will go into effect May 30, 2022. ASCP, AHP, and ANP have summarized the rules for you below.

School catalogue and handbook requirements: Rule Number 4713-3-12
Under the new rule, each school must annually provide the Board a copy of their school catalogue and handbook for review and approval.

School contract requirements: Rule Number 4713-3-13
This new rule requires each school to annually provide the Board a copy of their student contract for review and approval.

Eligible participants: Rule Number 4713-6-02
This rule affects the amount of clock hour credit earned by a student in an internship program. Previously, clock hour credit could not exceed 10 percent of the total course hours necessary for completion of a specific program. Now, clock hour credit cannot exceed 20 percent.

Effective date: May 30, 2022.

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