Ohio Adopts New Cosmetology and Barbering Rules

On December 1, 2022, the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board (Board) released final cosmetology rules that will become effective December 12, 2022. AHP has summarized the rules changes for you below.

The rules impact the following areas:

  • Continuing education requirements
  • Inactive license status
  • Out-of-state license holder applications

Continuing Education Requirements

The rules alter continuing education (CE) requirements by:

  • Eliminating the requirement to complete one hour of CE relevant to personal wellness
  • Eliminating the requirement to complete three hours of CE related to subject matter specific to the scope of services for each license held by the individual
  • Decreasing the CE requirement concerning safety and infection control from four hours to three for those seeking to renew a boutique services registration

Inactive License Status

If an individual wishes to reactivate their inactive license, the new rules require an individual to complete only the CE requirements applicable to the current renewal period the license is to be restored. The previous rules required individuals to complete eight CE hours for each license period the license was inactive, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Out-of-State License Holder Applications

This new rule replaces a previous version to reflect changes to the Board’s reciprocity policies, making it clear how the Board interprets “substantially similar” qualifications. For those applying for a license in Ohio from another US state or country, an applicant must hold a valid license from another jurisdiction, provide proof that their license is equivalent to that of an Ohio license, and provide proof of certified training hours.

Once an individual submits their application and applicable fee(s) to the Board, they can take Ohio’s practical and theory exams if:

  • The total amount of hours required to complete their program was at least 80 percent of the program hours required in the state of Ohio
  • The licensing jurisdiction where they received their current license required a test at a facility overseen by a governing licensing body

Note: One year of licensed experience can be substituted for 100 hours of training, up to a maximum of 500 hours.

Effective Date: December 12, 2022.

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