Not Licensed to Fail

Not Licensed to Fail Journal

Milady Published a Growth Journal for Hairstylists to Help Them Succeed in Their Careers

Milady, a leading provider of beauty and wellness learning solutions, has just released Not Licensed to Fail: A Growth Journal for Beauty Professionals.

Success requires many things. Dedication. Persistence. Hard work. Mind-Set. The list goes on. Success is also very personal. The dreams of a hairstylist are not likely to be the same as their neighbor’s or their father’s or their best friend’s. But no matter what hair professionals want to accomplish, we’ll need to master the skillset of effective time management and goal setting to get there. This journal is designed to help us do just that. Think of it as a personal assistant or daily trainer to jumpstart your path to becoming a more successful individual. 

Tools and resources offered through focus on cultivating the soft skills and business acumen in everything a hairstylist does. Non-technical skills fuel success in this industry and that makes Not Licensed to Fail the perfect gift for any stylist, co-worker, or salon team. Not Licensed to Fail: A Growth Journal for Beauty Professionals is now available on

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Not Licensed to Fail inside


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