New Rules Impact Nevada Barber Education and Training

Barbers, power down your clippers and put down your combs, this one’s for you. In June, the Nevada State Barbers’ Health and Sanitation Board (Board) adopted new rules affecting barber school owners, barber instructor continuing education (CE), and cosmetologists applying for the barbering exam. AHP has summarized the new rules for you below.

Barber School Applications
The new rules delve deeper than the previous ones and elaborate on the financial information required for an applicant submitting for a barber school license. The new rules include:

  1. If the applicant is a business entity that has been operating for at least two years before applying for a barber school license, they must submit audited financial statements prepared by a certified public accountant for the two years before their application date.
  2. If the applicant is an individual person—not a business entity—they must submit sufficient proof to the Board that they are financially capable of operating a barber school.
  3. All applicants must submit an independent credit report from a consumer reporting agency.
  4. All applicants must file a surety bond of at least $200,000 with the Board.

Barber Instructor Continuing Education
The new rules require instructors to complete 16 hours of CE each year, with at least two hours dedicated to teaching methodologies. The remaining hours must relate to the barbering industry, or the teaching and practice of barbering.

If an individual wants to receive CE approval for a barbering seminar, course, or other training, they must submit to the Board an application and all related material(s). The Board will review the application and determine if the proposed seminar, course, or training may be used to meet CE requirements and allot the number of hours an instructor may earn upon completing it.

Cosmetologists Applying for the Barbering Exam
A licensed cosmetologist, who has completed 400 hours of specialized training at an approved barber school, is allowed to apply for the barbering exam without being licensed as an apprentice. The new rules state that if a cosmetologist fails to complete the 400 hours of specialized training within 12 months before applying for the barbering exam, they must take a 250-hour refresher course from an approved barber school and then apply for the exam.

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